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Pin Inserts

AF Series
AF Series
AF Series

AF Series

•With AF Series, you can change through holes into pin inserts.
•Mounter should have automatic recognition system
(You need reflow to fix it in through hole)
•Various parts can be mounted (diameter:0.40~1.0φ)
•You can order bulk type (no adsorption pin)
AF-0.5(L)-B (add -B for bulk type [100/package])
•Notice: Please insert male pin vertically
•Capacity of Insertion and Removal....not over 100 times
•Contact Resistance....not over 10mΩ
•Current Capacity....
•Finish....Au plating over Ni
•Material....Be-Cu (adsorption pin..Aluminium)
•Operating Temperature....-40~+125°C
1. Print Cream Solder on PCB(Recommended Metal Mask
2. Mount AF Series(Please use automatic recognition type
3. Reflow
4. Remove adsorption pin by pushing from the bottom
•Recommended Metal Mask Thickness....100~150µ
※AF series can be mounted on any thickness of PCB